Building up associations

IADSA has been involved in establishing more than 15 of its associations over the past decade. We work with companies and authorities to build national associations in countries where one does not exist.

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Building up associations

A central role for IADSA is to ensure the creation of a strong network of associations across the world which are able to work with their national governments and scientific communities on the development of appropriate regulation and policy.

The key steps in the creation of a new food supplement association are:

  • Identify core goals and actions that are required (e.g. input on new regulatory proposals, responding to negative media stories, building a scientific programme).
  • Identify companies who could form nucleus of the new association.
  • Bring together nucleus of companies to discuss and outline goals and the need for the new association.
  • Identify person to drive the new organization;  the role of the “Secretariat” is a critical one and this should be addressed early in the development of the association.
  • Organise wider meeting of companies and, if possible, government officials who appreciate the benefits of having one coordinated group to relate to in the sector.  Identify/confirm the need for a new association and at this meeting, identify broad goals, and next steps.
  • Hold meeting of founding members of the association:
    • Confirm goals
    • Establish workplan for coming year
    • Identify resources (including financial and Secretariat) to achieve workplan
    • Identify legal structure to achieve workplan
    • Clarify responsibilities.

Of course, each association is different and facing different challenges.  However, as long as key issues are addressed early on in the development process, the success rates of new associations are very high.

To help in the creation of a new association, IADSA can provide a special pack of information, including models of new associations, example budgets, example statutes/articles of association. 

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