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IADSA holds expert workshop on applying Codex guidelines

02 August 2013

The International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplements Associations (IADSA) has held an ‘Expert Workshop’ in New Delhi, India to provide a focus on the critical process of the implementation of Codex Alimentarius Standards and Guidelines in the food supplement area. 

The workshop, which was co-organised by India’s food supplement trade association Health Foods And Dietary Supplements Association (HADSA) took place on 10 July, giving those involved in the development of national regulation in the food supplement, nutraceutical and functional food areas an overview of Codex standards in this sector, how they interrelate and how regulators across the world have interpreted and used them to guide the development of national and regional laws.

It addressed the Codex Guidelines on vitamin and mineral supplements, the development, application and implementation of the Codex Standards on Additives and the issues and challenges related to the Codex Claims Guidelines.
“The 2005 Codex Guidelines on vitamin and mineral supplements put in place the single most important reference point for governments worldwide when developing legislation in the food supplement sector,” said Michelle Stout, IADSA Board Member and one of the expert speakers at the event. “However, while the Guidelines remain a critical element of the global legislative framework, there are still many questions around the application of Codex standards in the nutritional and nutraceutical area. Our expert workshops aim to share expertise on shaping future regulatory frameworks. We continue to work to ensure a greater exchange of information about the science and regulation of food supplements and functional ingredients among regulators, scientists, industry and consumers.”

IADSA has held Expert Workshops with governmental bodies and scientific experts in more than 30 countries including China, Japan, Latin America, Russia and across South East Asia.

This workshop is part of a series of workshops that are being organised for decision-makers in New Delhi on issues of classification and definitions of the food supplement product area and maximum levels of vitamins and minerals.