Building up associations

IADSA has been involved in establishing more than 15 of its associations over the past decade. We work with companies and authorities to build national associations in countries where one does not exist.

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Food Supplement Science

Since its creation in 1998, the main focus of the work of IADSA has been the science that underpins regulation in the area of food supplements.

This work has been coordinated by a Scientific Council that has directed its activities towards issues that are of primary concern to legislation, including the safety of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients used in food supplements, the substantiation of health claims, the place of supplementation in national health policies and strategies, and the role of supplementation for specific population groups.

The Scientific Council focuses on upcoming scientific debates and has provided guidance to national, regional and international regulatory authorities where requested. IADSA supports the opinion that science should underpin regulation, and since its formation has worked to facilitate independent scientific debate between international scientists, academics and, where appropriate, regulators on issues relating to nutrition and supplementation and to offer solutions/recommendations to problems arising from such issues.


Latest reports

Report 1
Stability Testing for Shelf Life Determination of Supplements
‘Stability Testing for Shelf Life Determination of Supplements’ is part of a series of Technical Guidances for the supplement industry, ...