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IADSA has been involved in establishing more than 15 of its associations over the past decade. We work with companies and authorities to build national associations in countries where one does not exist.

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  • Byron Johnson Chairman of IADSA

    Stability Testing for Shelf Life Determination of Supplements
    March 2016

    ‘Stability Testing for Shelf Life Determination of Supplements’ is part of a series of Technical Guidances for the supplement industry, which have been produced by the IADSA Technical Group over the past few years. ‘Stability Testing for Shelf Life Determination of Supplements’ outlines the principles for setting up scientifically based stability studies, which are specifically designed to assess the stability and potential shelf life of supplements. It discusses the various important aspects that need to be taken into consideration when designing a stability study. This document should be read in conjunction with the IADSA ‘Global Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Supplements’ and ‘Shelf–life Recommendations for Supplements’. 

  • Byron Johnson Chairman of IADSA

    Certificates of Analysis for Supplement Ingredients: Guidelines on Their Preparation and Use
    December 2014

    Through long-established industry practice, an ingredient supplier typically provides customers with a COA with each delivered batch. The goal of this publication is to present recommendations on the content and format of such COAs including: specifications for identity and, as applicable, specifications on other characteristics such as purity, strength, composition  etc and appropriate limits for ingredients in which there is a known or reasonable expectation that a contaminant or adulterant may be present. This guideline is applicable to all supplement ingredients (defined as both active ingredients and other ingredients) used in the manufacture of a supplement product.

  • Byron Johnson Chairman of IADSA

    Shelf-Life Recommendations for Supplements
    January 2014

    As part of good manufacturing practice, products should meet specifications throughout their shelf-life, and are generally labelled with a date through which the product’s potency is assured by the supplement manufacturer. These guidelines on shelf-life recommendation provide information on factors that could affect shelf-life, parameters to be taken into account for shelf-life testing and sources of data that can be used or need to be developed to assist manufacturers in defining and supporting the shelf-life dates of their products. The publication is also available in Spanish : Recomendaciones sobre la vida útil de los complementos alimenticios

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