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IADSA has been involved in establishing more than 15 of its associations over the past decade. We work with companies and authorities to build national associations in countries where one does not exist.

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  • Byron Johnson Chairman of IADSA

    Nutrition, Health Ageing and Public Policy
    April 2007

    This review explores the factors that influence nutritional status in older people and describes the physical and cognitive changes that can lead to years of lost good health. It highlights the overwhelming evidence which demonstrates that good nutrition and specific nutrients and other food substances can play a major role in maintaining and enhancing physical and mental performance as well as delaying the onset of chronic diseases. Also available in Spanish.

  • Byron Johnson Chairman of IADSA

    The Risk Assessment and Safety of Bioactive Substances in Food Supplements
    June 2006

    To fill the needs of regulators and scientific bodies for quantitative safety assessment of bioactive substances, this report details risk assessments performed on a selection of bioactive substances in food. Also available in Japanese.

  • Byron Johnson Chairman of IADSA

    The Scientific Substantiation of Health Claims
    September 2005

    Many academic, scientific and regulatory organisations worldwide are considering ways to establish the scientific basis to support claims for functional components or the foods and food supplements containing them. This report examines the process for the scientific substantiation of health claims which could underpin regulatory developments around the world in such a way as to take account of both emerging science and well-established, consensus science. Also available in Spanish.

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