Aims of the survey
  • Understand what sustainability means today for companies operating in this sector;
  • Identify the priorities of supplement companies in relation to sustainability;
  • Map out the key drivers for the inclusion of sustainability in companies’ work;
  • Establish the barriers that hold companies back.

The survey will help measure the preparedness of the sector for requirements that will impact all companies in the future. This knowledge is essential for the supplement sector to better engage with government on policy and regulatory developments and ensure that the sector’s needs are taken into account.


All the information provided by respondents will be treated by IPSOS in the strictest confidence and used for research purposes only. It will not be possible for IADSA nor IPSOS to identify any particular individuals or organisations in the results.

Time required

The survey should take between 10-15 minutes to complete.


The survey is in English. Translation is available in Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Spanish.

How to access the survey results

The survey results will be shared with the IADSA membership and the key findings will be available on the IADSA website

Survey open until

28 February 2023


Please contact us with any survey suggestions or feedback by email at