Building up associations

IADSA has been involved in establishing more than 15 of its associations over the past decade. We work with companies and authorities to build national associations in countries where one does not exist.

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Global Information, Science and Regulation

IADSA is the leading international expert association regarding the globalisation of food supplement markets and increasing regulatory challenges. Bringing together food supplement associations from 6 continents, IADSA aims to build an international platform for debate and a sound legislative and political environment for the development of the food supplement sector worldwide.

Food Supplement Science

With the regulatory environment for food supplements becoming increasingly global, both industry associations and regulatory bodies face daily challenges requiring scientific solutions and answers. To address these challenges IADSA's Scientific Group has developed a scientific programme where issues are discussed and analysed as they emerge in order to promote solutions. More...



Latest reports

Report 1
Stability Testing for Shelf Life Determination of Supplements
‘Stability Testing for Shelf Life Determination of Supplements’ is part of a series of Technical Guidances for the supplement industry, ...