Global Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Supplements

The ‘Global Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Supplements’ provides guidelines for the promotion of best practice in the production of supplements, including manufacturing, quality control, packaging, distribution and storage. An important tool for both companies and governments worldwide, the guide covers quality management, premises and equipment, personnel and training, product and process development, manufacture, storage, transport and distribution. It also gives recommendations in areas critical to the manufacture of high quality products, including the recovery or re-working of materials, documentation, self-inspections, sub-contracting operations, laboratory testing, complaints procedures, product recall and emergency procedures.

A Self Assessment Tool is also available. Each series of questions is specifically related to a chapter of the IADSA global Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Supplements. By completing the questionnaire, companies will be able to assess their GMP status and identify possible gaps in their operations, through a ‘No’ response to a question.

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Version: 09

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