How the food supplement sector is embracing environmental sustainability

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IADSA was created in 1998 to meet the increasing need for expertise, knowledge and experience on issues relating to supplements. Today, we are the global platform to guide the evolution of policy and regulation in the sector.

IADSA Declaration
International expertise

International Expertise

Our main focus has always been on the science that underpins policy and regulation on food supplements. The experience and expertise we have gained from working with government, scientific experts and industry in more than 80 countries helps us provide solutions to many of the questions facing decision-makers today.

We appreciate that the development of policy and regulation is complex and that learning from experience elsewhere can be critical to success. We have been privileged to be asked to assist many governments in their work.

Our work

Our work

Originally created as a body to bring together the food supplement sector in Codex Alimentarius discussions, IADSA has expanded its programmes considerably.

Today, our work includes partnerships in countries and regions where supplement regulation and policy is being developed, modified or harmonised. For example, our work has included guidance on the creation of the ASEAN health supplement Agreement, the organisation of training programmes for the Chinese government and the creation of a Resource Centre in India. Our experts have been invited to all corners of the world to share their perspectives on the key technical and scientific issues. A wide range of publications and tools have been developed for use by all involved in the food supplement sector.

Building capacity

Building capacity

A central role of IADSA is to ensure the creation of a strong network of national and regional associations across the world that are able to work with their governments and scientific communities. Member associations of IADSA are present in all continents. We are always pleased to provide our expertise in the creation of new associations.

Sustainability principles

For a healthier society and beyond

IADSA has long been engaged in work to help build healthier societies. But our commitments go beyond this. We share the concerns expressed in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and encourage everyone in the sector to integrate sustainable development perspectives into their work. IADSA will continue to be a forum to develop and share practical guidance and solutions to address these global challenges.

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