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The way people think, feel and act towards their health and wellness has transformed the market for supplements. More people are buying supplements for a wider range of benefits through more diverse channels.

IADSA endeavours to set the benchmark for excellence in the supplement industry. Our structure, culture, and initiatives have positioned us as a leader in the formulation and dissemination of best practices and policy guidelines.

We continue to:

  • Address consumer needs within the supplement market
  • Foster partnership towards a healthier society
  • Champion best practices for products to be brought safely and efficiently
For the market

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Defining standards

High quality and safe products are the bedrock of our sector. IADSA has developed a range of resources that integrate a full understanding of the characteristics of supplements and provide standards that are fit for purpose.

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Defining standards

Good practice matters

Everyone in the sector must adhere to responsible practices. Recognising the growing reliance of consumers on influencer recommendations, IADSA has responded by establishing a dedicated hub. This hub bridges the knowledge gaps by providing global guidance on influencer obligations and rules, while also focusing on enhancing consumer literacy.

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Supplements: Good practice matters

Codex Alimentarius

Understanding the importance of Codex for supplement regulation

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Codex Alimentarius

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